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Deutsche Welle learn German podcast

deutsche welle learn german podcast

Business German is such an old-school type of learning.

Though you shouldn’t stop at this level if you want to become fluent in the German language.

Learn how Deutsche Well Learn German podcast is making a difference for German learners.

What is Deutsche Welle?

A quick scan of the website tells us that Deutsche Welle is a more formal website with all the latest news and stories around Germany or the world.

But, what is inside the newspress site is a wide range of materials for language learners.

You can expect to see German culture integrated into their podcasts.

Although one thing to remember about learning resources like the main page isn’t intended for beginners.

You may even have to choose the other 30 languages and pick your native language should you ever find yourself stuck.

But if your intention was to learn German, then go to their Learn German page.

Deutsche Welle Learn German for beginners

There are many apps and online websites where you can get basic conversation phrases and vocabulary but lacking in the proper example sentences or guide on how to use these words.

However, Deutsche Welle has its own online German courses that are free to use forever.

If you have been learning German before and came back after a long time, you can also take their placement test and see which level you should continue with.

You will also know how a native speaker of German will sound with accessible content like videos and audio courses.

Deutsche Welle is also available on your phone

Mobile versions of online language lessons are trendy and can get you hooked.

The benefit of using an app for language learning such as Deutsche Welle’s Learn German app is that you can continue learning what you’ve started on the desktop on your phone.

You can choose between the Apple (iOS) version or the Android version for Deutsche Welle’s Learn German.

It also contains placement tests as well as lessons for A1, A2, and B1.

The same videos and content that you see on their website are included in this app.

They also have a separate feature where you can learn the German alphabet plus additional terms for business-related German words.

Deutsche Welle has a discussion group on social media platforms

One of the best ways to interact with other absolute beginners and other learners is through an online community platform.

Through Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be able to ask questions and discuss interesting topics in German.

An advantage of social media is to talk with native German speakers in real-time and even ask for help with some of the grammar rules.

What you will learn with a Deutsche Welle’s German podcast

Podcasts have amusing episodes that will help you learn more about a topic you’re really interested in.

And for learning a language, you can get everything you can think of in bite-sized 20-30 mins episodes.

Deutsche Welle is one of the earliest companies that have launched a popular German language course

It is the first public podcast dedicated to all things Germany.

Here are other things you’ll learn with Deutsche Welle’s German podcast.

Most of the podcasts talk about real-life situations

Often, people discover the newfound interest they have in a language through food and the people.

Germany is rich in history, technology, and news about what’s Germany’s current situation.

Since Deutsche Welle is a newspress site, you’ll often hear about politics or what’s happening in Germany or around the world.

So if it’s not something you’re into, you can check their other podcast series.

What makes most podcasts popular for people is how concise and well-marketed they are for their target audience.

You can guarantee that German learning podcasts go straight to the point without being boring.

You’ll never run out of audio lessons to hear

English speakers will not find themselves lost or lacking in the rich German grammar lessons and other courses related to improving their German.

Sadly, you will not be able to see the script on some of the audio content unless it’s related to the Learn German app that they have.

You can choose from the latest news, fashion, sports, car-related topics, arts, and other amazing cultures, food, and people that Germany could offer.

You can listen to Deutsch – Warum Nicht on the go

Their dedicated podcast for learning German, Deutsch – Warum Nicht is downloadable or you can use another tool to utilize while you’re moving often.

Since music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music are available on your phone, you are free to listen to it on whatever device you have available.

Simply choose which topic you’ve heard last and then skip some parts if necessary.

What makes it very easy to use a podcast while learning a language is how you can repeat the same audio over and over.

What Deutsche Welle needs to work on

On the other hand, there are also a few gaps that Deutsche Welle needs to improve.

One of the biggest issues that non German natives have with their German podcast courses is that many of their content doesn’t have an English translation.

Yes, you can find the website translated to English but the actual script and content of their radio podcasts are solely audio-based only.

So you might not really understand what’s going on. There are bilingual podcasts available for certain subjects but you’ll have to be lucky to find a 4-part podcast series with it.

Why do people like to learn from DW?

As a learner and a digital content creator, I like how Deutsche Welle has established its brand.

It doesn’t shy away from different topics but also indicates different German language levels (Deutsche Welle – A1, Deutsche Welle – B1, and so on).

You’ll also love the authentic videos and images that they use to explain the grammar and vocabulary properly.

Moreover, a lot of their DW: Learn German content is free and is really intended for absolute beginners.

Their courses are outlined and labeled with what lessons you’ll be learning in those videos and audio lessons.

So you don’t need to worry about getting lost while you’re improving your German.

Then again, it is better to really invest in more learning resources and then adjust what best suits you.

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