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German for beginners: top 8 Pains of learning + solutions

french for beginners top 8 pains of learning + solutions

Starting a new language can be intimidating because you need to figure out where to begin! I’ll go over some common pains for beginners when learning German.

Does it have to be so hard to learn German?

does it have to be so hard to learn german

So, what is the most efficient way for a beginner to learn German? It takes a lifetime to master our original tongue. Fortunately, we can always learn new topics and words, correct our mistakes, and improve our communication abilities. However, there are also more factors to consider:

  • It could be anything you’re doing: you need more motivation or time, more time, or look harder for good resources.
  • Your timing might need to be improved: learning a foreign language becomes increasingly difficult as you age. Children’s minds are sponge-like, and their procedural memory is substantially more active until puberty – tasks associated with unconscious skills, such as dancing, riding a bike, or understanding subtle linguistic rules, are much easier for them. Conversely, adults must become more competent at implicit learning, making it more difficult for them.
  • Setting realistic expectations is essential: learning a second language is challenging. What piques your curiosity? Which of the following do you prefer: speaking, reading, listening, or writing? It takes time to do them all at once. What about the different levels of expertise?
  • You may have chosen the most challenging language: you may not realize it, but different languages are classified as complicated depending on the amount of time and effort required to study them.

The pains of learning a new language

Here is a list of common problems encountered by language students during their studies:

  • I must learn how to study a foreign language!
  • I’m embarrassed because I’m unable to communicate!
  • I’m irritated because I’m squandering both time and money!
  • I’m concerned because I make mistakes!
  • I’m afraid it’s too late to begin!
  • I apologize for not having time!
  • I’m disappointed since I can’t visit or live in___!
  • I’m frightened I’ll forget it after I finish my studies!

As you can see, we’ve highlighted every negative feeling related to learning a new language. If you’ve ever stated or thought one of the above words, recognize that it’s normal and natural because you’re about to begin a new experience and travel. But these “issues” have solutions, so keep reading! In the sections that follow, each ailment is further explained.

#1 I don’t know how to study a language

#1 i don’t know how to study a language in learning german

For beginners, this is the most challenging component of learning German: “I don’t know how to do that!” We all learn languages in school, but only a tiny percentage of the time do we apply the most successful way. Many people require assistance in learning how to study languages effectively.

Yes, what is the most efficient method of learning German? Some people claim that it is possible to acquire a language while sleeping. The point is more than how to study; it is how to learn the German language. That is the distinction between disease treatment and disease cure.

You’d like to get rid of it. You want to learn that language. To grasp how language acquisition works, you must accept the concepts of comprehensible input and spaced repetition.

#2 I’m embarrassed because I can’t speak

In  German, there is a skill imbalance for newcomers who already know a little. As a beginner, speaking German might be embarrassing because you may comprehend but feel unable to express yourself. That is relatively frequent, and it is not your fault but rather the product of your learning method.

You’re also far too humble! You probably know more than you think. If you don’t believe us, try speaking German to yourself in front of a mirror! You only get one shot at life! So, whenever you have the opportunity, try to practice.

#3 I’m frustrated because I’m wasting time and money!

Learning a language, like any other ability, takes time and money. Indeed, it takes more effort for novices to master German than for intermediate speakers. It should take a small amount of time or money.

You will progress much faster if you use the top German learning app. Consider the dead time in your calendar, such as travel time, if you need help finding time to study. You can learn German in the automobile if you have the correct equipment.

#4 I’m nervous because I make mistakes

German can be scary for novices who do not want to leave their comfort zone! Yes, we are all scared because we make mistakes all the time. So please bear with me. That is how we acquire knowledge. Making mistakes, in other words, is a sign that you are learning.

Making mistakes is quite normal, and you will be satisfied if you set realistic expectations. Diversifying your study material can be advantageous. For example, you may study German idioms, sayings, proverbs, quotes, or even swear words just for fun.

#5 I fear that it’s too late to start

It may be too late for adult beginners learning German to sound like natives. However, there is always time to start and learn a language at an appropriate level. It may take a little longer if you’re older, but you can accomplish it. You can communicate appropriately and successfully at a high level quickly. There is always time for beginners to start learning German.

#6 I regret that I don’t have time!

You may come to regret your lack of time. Even novices with a busy schedule can learn German. You won’t be frustrated if you stick to a study schedule because you’ll know where you’re expected to be and how well you’re doing. This language learning schedule builder will determine which plan is ideal for you.

#7 I feel discouraged because I can’t travel/live in _____

Many people are dissatisfied because they cannot live or travel to places where the language they are studying is spoken. Being on the site and conversing with locals is advantageous, but beginners can enhance their German without enhancing it.

After all, essential German travel, such as directions, is only required if you visit Germany.

#8 I fear that I’ll forget it after I quit studying

If you don’t speak a language for a while, your proficiency will most likely decline, but you will never entirely forget it. The good news is that forgetting what you’ve known and utilized for a long time is more complicated. In other words, beginners lose German more quickly than established speakers. As a result, studying German for beginners is merely the first stage in creating a solid memory. After all, even if you forget everything, you’d still have a good time, right?

What’s your pain?

what’s your pain in learning german

Did you discover your problem with learning German for beginners on this list? Naturally, you cannot – and should not – simply announce that you were not born to do this and abandon your efforts. You may find it more challenging, but it is not impossible.

There are several things you can do to help things move more smoothly. You must accomplish the following:

Instead of arbitrarily learning, devise a method, such as starting with the 1000 most common German words. It is also beneficial to discover enjoyable learning material, such as idioms or hand gestures.

It’s no secret that writing daily is one of the most effective strategies for memorizing. Don’t take the fun out of learning: it’s no surprise you’re bored if you spend all day reading grammar and listening to dreary, school-like conversations. Have you ever contemplated watching a German film or the news sans subtitles?

What about listening to music in another language? There are also numerous German courses for beginners on the Internet. If you want something free, you can locate free German studies. Another strategy is to look for good German beginner books or podcasts. You have several possibilities for studying German. Therefore we strongly encourage you to continue!

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