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How to take German lessons on Skype: 10 effective tips from a language teacher

german lessons on skype

Are you looking for effective ways how to study German lessons?

This blog post will help you understand the things you need to know about taking German lessons on Skype.

German lessons on Skype: what you need to know

Learning German can be challenging, but you’ll find it easier with time and practice.

Taking German lessons on Skype is a great way to learn the language from the comfort of your own home. If you’re considering taking Skype German lessons, here’s what you need to know before signing up.

This guide will help you decide if taking German lessons on Skype is right for you and also cover important topics such the effective tips, finding a teacher, and how to prepare for your first lesson.

German lessons on skype

What is a Skype German lesson?

A German lesson through Skype is a virtual language class where you and your teacher connect via Skype or another video chat platform.

A German lesson via Skype is much like a German lesson you would find in a language school, except it’s taken remotely. You don’t have to travel to a physical location to take the lesson.

A German lesson through Skype is usually one-on-one between you and your teacher, but it can also be done in a group setting with multiple students and a single teacher.

Why take German lessons on Skype?

There are many benefits to learning German lessons on Skype. You can learn when it’s most convenient for you.

This means not having to find time to schedule a class around your work or personal schedule.

You don’t have to worry about driving in terrible weather conditions.

You can also take breaks whenever you need to, instead of going to the bathroom during class.

You can save money by taking a Skype German lesson instead of enrolling in a language school.

How much do German Skype lessons cost?

The cost of German lessons on Skype varies. It depends on the teacher and their hourly rate and if they charge per lesson or per-hour rate.

Some teachers may also offer a free trial lesson. Be sure to ask about rates before booking a lesson.

You should also consider the cost of tools you’ll need for your German lessons through Skype.

This includes a computer, headphones, quality webcam, and fast internet connection. It’s best to have a few technology options if one isn’t working well on the day of your lesson.

how to take german lessons on skype

Tips for your German lessons on Skype

Here are some effective tips for your first German lesson through Skype. They will help you maximize your experience and feel prepared for your lesson.

First, talk to your teacher about what you want to get out of the lesson. Let them know if you have any background knowledge of the language.

This can help them customize the lesson to your needs. Let your teacher know your proficiency level, goals, and concerns.

Try to schedule your lesson around your normal routine. This can help you focus on the lesson and not be distracted.

Make sure you’re in a quiet, distraction-free room. A quiet room can help you focus better, leading to better results in your lesson. Also, make sure your computer is in good working condition.

This includes having a strong and stable internet connection.

Now, if you are planning to attend my German lessons on Skype, here are my 10 effective tips for you:

Do not cut your sentences

It’s always better to practice than just to listen. Because we often forget what we just heard, practice is the key to mastering the German language. If you want to learn German, practice is essential!

Practice makes perfect, so don’t worry about your mistakes; just keep practicing. It’s even better if you can say it out loud.

Listen and practice

“Comprehensible input” is a bit beyond the student’s current level of understanding.

The phrase refers to the fact that even if certain vocabulary and grammatical structures are unfamiliar, the general thought is still clear.

I will correct the grammatical mistakes in your German sentences before reading them out loud, and then you will repeat them. That is how I teach German lessons on Skype.

Here’s an example:

Student: Ich gehe nach Deutschland. (wrong)
Teacher: Ich gehe nach Deutschland.
Student: Ich gehe nach Deutschland.

skype german lessons

Focus on my questions

During our German lesson on Skype, you will hear me ask a question.

You may twist my question to provide an answer.
I will ask a question and then repeat it. You should just listen and copy; no additions are necessary.

Sometimes, I will highlight the portion of your question that needs improvement.

It’s fine if I’m not typing

It’s commonly agreed that learning a language begins with the alphabet. Unfortunately, beginning with the alphabet is not the best approach to learning German.

It is harder to become proficient in the language and think well if you are not accustomed to its sounds.

Words are processed differently by your brain than written words.

Your difficulty processing text in a foreign language is because your brain processes text similarly when reading in your native language.

A native speaker doesn’t learn a language that way. Your brain tries to decode sounds as you hear them because it can only focus when it hears something new.

Audio is by far the best method of learning.

I don’t immediately type the words I say in my German Skype lessons because of this. I’ll say it again without typing, ensuring you understand with hand motions or equivalent words.

Only after making this effort will I type the words or sentences.

Stick to the point

Studying a subject using a “spaced repetition” learning and memorization technique is an excellent way to remember the terminology.

The concept is pretty simple: you would retain information for longer by extending your study periods.

Learning a new word for your vocabulary is a great start. The more you remember, the better it stays in your mind.

Regularly reviewing the material will help the terminology sink into your long-term memory.

Avoid chatting about anything and everything during your Skype German lessons, even if there are easier options.

Even if there are easier options, practice the new word by using it.

Keep it German

The quickest method to enhance your foreign language communication abilities is language immersion.

It is why you should use your native language as a last resort.

Rather than using complex words to express yourself, do it simply. Then, I will demonstrate how to do so better.

Here’s an example:

Student: Das Ding für cooles Essen. (The thing for cool food.)
Teacher: Ein Kühlschrank.
Student: Ein Kühlschrank.

german lessons through skype

Ask if you can’t understand

It’s common for me to speak at nearly native speed. Just ask if you don’t understand something, and I’ll say it again slower.

Here’s a conversation from my German lessons on Skype:

Teacher: Hast Du gut geschlafen?

Student: Was!?

Teacher: Hast Du gut geschlafen? (in a slower pace)

Student: Ja Ich habe gut geschlafen.

Be honest if you don’t understand

We must work together and trust each other for our lessons to be successful. I can’t know whether you understood everything I just said or whether you know all the words.

The lesson continues smoothly when you stop and ask me to define or repeat a word.

If you say “Ja.” even if you don’t understand what we’re talking about, we will not accomplish anything, and you’ll feel lost.

Mistakes are okay

Learning German from scratch can be intimidating if you want to stay in your comfort zone.

Yes, we always make mistakes, which is why we’re nervous.

We indeed learn by making mistakes.

Making mistakes when learning German is perfectly acceptable. Just set realistic expectations for yourself.

Take German exams

These free German lessons are for those who want to learn German lessons on Skype. These lessons are both clear and entertaining!

Before starting your Skype German lessons, you should read some introductory material to help you become more effective. After taking the German test, your brain will be well exercised.

How to find a teacher?

To find a German teacher, you can do a simple search online. However, you should be aware of the potential risks of taking a language lesson from an unknown person.

Many online platforms connect teachers and students. Some of these platforms require teachers to have a certain level of experience and be properly vetted, while others do not.

These online teacher matching services can be a good place to start, but you should research each platform to see what each one offers.

You can then use these resources to find a German tutor that is a good fit for you. Some language schools may also offer Skype lessons. You can ask if they have any German teachers you could work with.

The following platforms are my top recommendations if you are looking for a tutor to teach you German lessons on Skype.

  • Italki
  • Verbling
  • Preply
  • Verbal Planet

Italki is the biggest and most advanced online tutoring service, which is why it is my top pick. You may sign up through this link to receive $10 off your first lesson.

Italki is a superb platform for finding online tutors for your German lessons on Skype. Each teacher has a unique profile page on Italki, which includes their biography, testimonials, video, qualifications, and more.

Is your potential tutor qualified in these areas?

  • Their review rating is 5.0.
  • Tutors finished more than a handful of sessions.
  • They are always present at every meeting.
  • Their reviews are excellent.
  • I am happy to inform you that once you visit my profile on Italki, you can confirm that I met all the criteria above.

Are you ready to take German lessons on Skype?

Taking German lessons on Skype can be a great way to learn the language from the comfort of your own home.

There is no better way to feel at home than in your environment.

One of the most important aspects of this is to learn how to find the right teacher for you.

Aside from that, you should also be prepared for the lesson by having all the necessary devices and software installed on your computer beforehand.

Following this guide’s tips will help you have successful German lessons on Skype.

I can’t wait to see you in my class! 😉

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