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How long it takes to learn German B1 level

how long it takes to learn german b1 level

You’re done with the basic conversations and want to appreciate the cultural references to Germany.

If you’re learning by yourself, there are many ways to achieve fluency at the B1 level.

In general, you’ll spend months getting to the advanced level. Let’s determine how long it takes to learn German B1.

We’ll add a few tips on how to learn better and the next steps to becoming a native speaker.

If you hit the plateau, consider enrolling in a German university

Congratulations! If you’re done with German A1 to A2, you are able to at least use some words and phrases in everyday situations.

For the next few German levels, you have to be careful of grammatical structures since you’ll slowly feel that German is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

So, many language learners find it useful to really apply at language schools either online or physically.

It’s the only motivation they have to learn languages.

Of course, if you don’t have a big budget to do that, the only way is to enroll in an online course with discounts.

There are also online communities like forums or groups on social media that help you learn German formally. It can either be paid or free.

But keep in mind, learning German online for free won’t guarantee you a better learning experience. Especially, if you’re aiming to go beyond the A2 level.

What you’ll learn at German B1 level

The German B1 level, also known as the intermediate level,

It will take you at least 80 hours per week (a total of 4 weeks) to finish your German B1.

According to Goeth Institut, you’ll take at least 350 and 650 45-minute units of teaching depending on what you have retained from your previous A1 to A2 level.

Here’s what you’re supposed to learn and become proficient at in German B1:

Imperfect tense, Perfect tense, Nominative, Genitive, Dative, Accusative, Adjective declension, Subordinate Clauses, direct and indirect Subordinate Clauses, and Prepositions.

When clear standard German is spoken, German speakers have little trouble comprehending the essential ideas of a conversation, especially when the topic is something familiar, such as school or work.

Reaching this level will help you in asking for directions and speaking to locals of German-speaking areas within Europe or Germany.

You will be able to discuss your passions and areas of experience at B1.

B1 speakers may discuss the past, narrate their day and dreams, establish goals, and explain known themes.

At this level, you will begin to comprehend the major concepts in complicated texts that include both abstract and tangible issues.

Travel and tourism, livelihood opportunities and the job market, school, education, history, politics and culture, and literature are some of the themes covered.

Preparing yourself for B1 and B2 level

Knowing that some of you might have a hard time learning the intermediate levels, we’ve put a few things to expect after being fluent in the beginner’s level.

B1 and B2 levels are more about using the German language with more important and factual details.

You’ll be asked to read newspaper clippings and a few excerpts from TV shows or movies for your reading knowledge.

But to make it even easier for you to see patterns, it’s better to read children’s books aimed at the elementary level first.

You’ll notice which noun genders and verb tenses are used. It is a great practice to determine articles that go along with the noun genders.

To hone your listening skills, you should look for an opportunity to discuss with a native speaker either online or with a German you’ve met.

For your writing skills, you can create sentences and scenarios in your mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to write at least a whole paragraph.

Talk about your family, your friends, what you did in school, and what was something you wanted to do today.

There are many scenarios that you can come up with that will help you use German words for travel, hobbies, and about yourself.

Language students are often asked to present a short report about their hobbies, daily lives, friends, or anything under the sun.

Also, if you’re enrolled in a language course online or at a German university, don’t forget to get a language certificate.

Continue right away with the B2 level

What’s next after finishing your dedicated classroom hours of learning German? You’ll have to take a German exam to determine if you can

After finishing your German B1, review your current level. Don’t forget the basic German grammar tips and tricks.

We suggest that you continue learning the B2 level straight away because some of the grammar rules that you can’t understand at B1 are explained thoroughly in B2.

If you still need to take a break from learning, don’t stray for too long.

Chances are, you’ll slowly forget some of the words and vocabulary you’ve learned especially if you don’t practice speaking it every day.

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