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How long does it take to learn German on Duolingo?

how long to learn german on duolingo

A community of learners that want to improve their proficiency levels has lots of resources online to improve their target language.

Especially as an adult learner, you will need to take advantage of free language programs that will help you at least save money for other priorities.

With a wide variety of resources to use for learning German, Duolingo is still the most popular app for both iOS and Android users.

However, how long does it take to learn German on Duolingo? Is studying for a month enough to learn at least intermediate German?

Let’s learn the truth behind learning with Duolingo.

Why learn with Duolingo?

Duolingo German is one of the leading apps to help language students learn German without worrying about time or money spent.

Some even skip enrolling at a German language school to save money and time and alternatively, learn German for free with apps or online websites.

Duolingo offers a well-thought-of German course that is free for any language level. As a beginner, it is important to find a language learning method that suits your style.

Moreover, Duolingo is aimed to be a flashcard/game system design that will motivate users to make learning more fun and engaging.

Apart from the standard Duolingo German courses, you can also try Duolingo Plus which features removing ads and give you unlimited hearts to learn German without having to wait for your hearts to replenish.

Features of Duolingo German:

  • Learn vocabulary through flashcard type
  • Offline German lessons
  • Learn the pronunciation of words
  • Helps you focus on a certain German language course by dividing the topics into different language levels
  • Has at least an audio for you to know how sentences are spoken (but not completely)

On the other hand, Duolingo Plus has additional features like:

  • Progress Tracker
  • Streak repair
  • Unlimited skips
  • Practice hub
  • Unlimited hearts

How long to learn German on Duolingo

German learners say that it will take at least 6 to 8 months of learning at least more than the basic A1-B2 level of sentences.

However, progressing with your German skills on a popular language app shouldn’t be your only choice in learning.

You may not even learn fast enough since the app is more like a game and not a way to learn or study at all.

You won’t feel the much-needed “push” to remember words since there’s no way to practice the sentences with tests or quizzes that prompt you to speak German.

The disappointing part about learning German on Duolingo is the time you’ll become “fluent” enough to generate your own sentences.

Many users of Duolingo are only happy about memorizing certain words or phrases that aren’t sometimes relevant in real conversations.

Although we’re not saying that this language app isn’t entirely useful and motivating, it is certainly not the most dynamic.

With that said, a person who wants to improve learning a foreign language should be more exposed to a native speaker.

So if there’s a language learning app that allows you to improve your natural sentences and features German speakers for your listening skills, then it’s best to subscribe to that instead.

A more effective way to learn German

Good enough, Duolingo has implemented additional features such as including a premium service.

Duolingo Plus aims to motivate learners without distractions and a way to check their incorrect translations.

However, we still recommend pairing the Duolingo German app with other resources since it still doesn’t have the feature to practice your conversational skills.

While we feel that you can still improve your learning process by doing daily exercises in Duolingo, you’ll feel the lack of grammar explanations.

Many German language learners will use Youtube or Spotify to become familiar with hearing the conjugations and the correct translation for some

On the other hand, advanced learners team up with other German learners and try to expand their language skills by meeting in person or talking online via Skype.

If you are a serious language learner, you can also try Duolingo’s discord server or check out Facebook groups with Duolingo users.

Since Duolingo is shutting down its forums, it is another disadvantage for people who will only use Duoling with their German.

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