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How to learn German in 1 day: daily practice 1 day at a time

how to learn german in 1 day daily practice

Your practice time in improving your German skills is crucial in finishing your German language classes faster.

But if you just keep on thinking that you can learn German in 1 day, you might not even ace your German reading practice.

That’s because you’re only breezing through the materials and not really retaining any information.

It’s better to focus on how to learn German in 1 day at a time through persistent daily lessons.

How do you learn German in 1 day?

Learning German in one week already sounds too good to be true but it’s possible to do this language learning process if you have good memory retention.

Polyglots and memory gurus have better learning techniques on how to study a language even if they’re at home.

It’s not far from possible but it’s also certainly not a common skill to pick up.

Notably, English speakers with no language of learning another Germanic language or even foreign languages will have a hard time achieving this feat.

However, you may try different methods, intensive courses, and doing a real conversation with German speakers.

Here are some tips from us to possibly learn German in 1day.

Physical or online German lessons

According to statistics, the quality of learning online and physically differs due to the situational experiences of the students.

German learners with access to the computer can retain at least 25-60% more German grammar and German phrases.

At least 40-60% less time is spent on e-learning and digital learning, which positively impacts transitioning from a physical class to online classrooms.

However, the challenge of learning online has increased dramatically, with many students that don’t have laptops or access to online

Learn frequent verbs

The German language has frequent verbs that are common in basic to advanced level German.

Here are 15 frequent verbs you’ll need to memorize since they appear in almost every conversation.

Take note, there are at least 50 most common German verbs from the A1 level to at least the B2 level.


to be able/can


to become


to say/tell


to have to/must


to give


to want


to come


to sought/should


to go


to know (a fact)


to see


to leave/let


to make


to be


to have

Learning German definite and indefinite articles

Part of learning German grammar faster is distinguishing the different usage of German articles.

German nouns always need their articles. You won’t sound like German speakers if you only know the noun without its complementary article.

There are two main general categories of articles – definite and indefinite.

Definite articles are die, der, and das while indefinite articles are ein and eine.

There are also cases and gender that come with these articles (Accusative/Akusativ, Dative/Dativ, and Nominative/Nominativ.

We’ve covered these topics that clearly discuss when to use definite and indefinite articles so you won’t get confused.

Try learning German intensively

The only way for language learners to possibly learn German in a day, week, or month is through intense German courses.

This language learning process takes 8 hours of practice a day to fully grasp the patterns of the sentences.

So only commit to learning German with intensive courses if you are available and ready to dedicate your life to German daily practice.

If you really want to get used to German, travel to Germany and learn about German culture, and lifestyle, and get the real experience of talking.

Instead of learning in only just 1 day, do it 1 day at a time

Let’s be realistic, only robots can learn language skills in a day.

Unless you’re only going to learn A1 for a day and you have proven skills like memory gurus and polyglots that do the consistent practice.

Plus supposedly you’ve “finished” A1 for only a day, you might have some trouble speaking to native speakers with a real conversation that will challenge your knowledge of German grammar.

Basic conversations take a few months with daily practice to learn and to be familiar with the correct pronunciation.

Apart from learning German grammar by the book, take note of false friends and other cognates that are vital to make your sentences sound fluent.

If you’ve been learning German from other languages such as Dutch, you can actually learn German faster since they share many same-sounding words and cognates.

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