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Learn German with body parts: Basic words + how to use them

learn german with body parts

 Most of the time, online courses start with the basic words that everyone will need to use daily.

Some of them include our body parts! It’s great to learn German body parts as early as the beginner level of your language study.

Some of these body parts also make up German expressions.

Let’s discover Körperteile (parts of the body) basic vocabulary terms.

Learning basics with German body parts

Why do you need to learn about the German translations of body parts?

Body parts are crucial for building your knowledge about German and improving your abilities to speak, listen, and read.

Studying the body parts also helps you express yourself when you’re in need of medical help. Particularly, if you’re going to travel to Germany.

There are also advantages of being eloquent in German. If you’re planning to impress someone you like, or if you want to show your prowess in German while applying for a job opportunity.

When you can name the parts of the body in German, it’s simpler to talk to a doctor, select the correct clothes and care items, and tell someone what you like about them.

List of German body parts

Talking about the body also helps you enhance your usage of German possessive pronouns, reflexive verbs, German articles, and adjectives.

The more you use your German knowledge into your daily life, the closer you will be to fluency.

Here is the German version of body parts for your basic vocabulary.

hair das Haar/die Haare (pl.)
head der Kopf
ear, ears das Ohr, die Ohren (pl.)
face das Gesicht
forehead die Stirn
eyebrow, eyebrows die Augenbraue, die Augenbrauen
eyelash, eyelashes die Wimper, die Wimpern
eye, eyes das Auge, die Augen
nose die Nase
lip, lips die Lippe, die Lippen
mouth der Mund
tooth, teeth der Zahn, die Zähne
chin das Kinn
neck der Hals
shoulder, shoulders die Schulter, die Schultern
back der Rücken
arm, arms der Arm, die Arme
elbow, elbows der Ell(en)bogen, die Ell(en)bogen
wrist, wrists das Handgelenk, die Handgelenke
hand, hands die Hand, die Hände
finger, fingers der Finger, die Finger
thumb, thumbs der Daumen, die Daumen
index finger der Zeigefinger
finger nail (nails) der Fingernagel (-nägel)
chest die Brust
breast, breasts die Brust, die Brüste (der Busen)
stomach, belly der Bauch

German body parts with adjectives

Of course, completing a sentence with the correct grammar fundamental needs adjectives.

The basic forms of gender nouns for adjectives are männlich for males and weiblich for females.

Certain adjectival pronouns, like the definite article “der,” also decline: all-, dies-, jed-, manch-, solch-, welch-.

Try adding some of these adjectives to your vocabulary.

attraktiv attractive
alt  old
sauber  clean
blass pale
dunkel dark
feucht damp
schmutzig dirty
nass wet
fett fat
verletzt injured
schweißig sweaty
krank sick
gesund healthy
fest strong, solid, firm
mager skinny
trocken dry

Of course, when you are learning through German language courses, you’ll encounter examples using German grammar.

German courses often include slang expressions, and idiomatic expressions for explaining certain grammar rules.

Here are some German idioms to review when you learn German body parts.

  • Can’t remember a word exactly

Es liegt mir auf der Zunge

On the tip of my tongue

  • To live lavishly

Auf grossem Fuss leben

Live on a big foot

  • On the run

Hals über Kopf

Head over neck

  • Taking a load off one’s mind 

Mir fällt ein Stein vom Herzen

A stone has dropped from my heart

  • To make sense

Hand und Fuß haben

To have hand and foot

Use German body parts to improve your language learning process

If you figured out any German grammar fundamental when learning sentences, you’ll be able to figure out how to use them in various ways.

Some language learners use games to figure out the gestures and speak out the German translation of that body part.

You can also translate some physical games that need your body parts to practice speaking German with your friends or family.

Language skills also need speaking practice. So, try to do these tips we’ve mentioned before.

It’s important to know that your body gestures and glances should be done with caution.

Get to know more about German culture in this article.

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