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Learn German culture

learn german culture and tradition

You’ve just discovered how to learn German effectively online. But you want to immerse yourself in this foreign language even further.

The fastest way to learn the German language is through German culture.

Apart from learning about Germany through watching German movies or through online communities, learn German culture in many aspects.

German Tradition and Culture: What came along the way

Germany has been tried and tested. After the World Wars and the division of Germany, many people still had their own way of living and thinking.

Just look at the German cities and you’ll see the history of what shaped German festivals and conceptualized their traditional food.

Germany has diverse culture due to different historical and cultural events.

Today, everyone can enjoy researching what happened to Germany and how it developed into one of the most economically-developed countries in the world.

German food you’ll enjoy

You’ll get an insight into the culture by knowing what Germans love to eat.

Apart from the main German cities, you can also discover regional cuisine and specialties.

It’s fun to travel to different regions in Germany to discover that their taste buds are not the same.

So you’ll get to enjoy different flavors and cuisines!

Moreover, Germany is full of food markets, beer gardens, wine festivals, culinary museums, and high-end restaurants.

Here’s a summary of what cuisine you’ll find in different regions of Germany:

  • East Germany

This region is well-known for its substantial cuisine, a diverse array of locally grown fruits and vegetables, and beer.

Klöße (dumplings) and potatoes, as well as delectable cakes and pastries, are popular here.

  • Southwest Germany

French cuisine has a strong effect on cooking in Germany’s southwestern outskirts.

Riesling wines, Spätzle, white wine sauerkraut, and Maultaschen are some of the favorites manufactured here.

  • Hesse

If you visit the region of Hesse, you’ll find famous dishes like Sauermilchkäse cheese, Apple Wein, Sauerkraut, Bethmännchen, Frankfurter Würstchen and more sausages.

Hesse or Hessische Küche revolves heavily around potatoes and bread in their cuisine.

  • Rhineland

The Rhine River region’s cuisine is inspired by delicacies from Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the local wine industry.

Popular meals on the menu include Sauerbraten, potato pancakes, and Blutwurst with onions.

They also have two specialties: the Pfälzer Saumagen or sow’s stomach and the Pfälzer Spundekäs, a spread made of cream cheese, quark, and sour cream.

  • Northeast Germany

Northeastern German cuisine is hearty. Eisbein, Kasseler Rippchen, and Currywurst are typical regional specialties.

Many Eastern European meals, as well as seafood dishes, may be found here.

  • Northwest Germany

Northwestern German cuisine offers a wide range of seafood dishes due to its closeness to the North and Baltic Seas.

Sausages, potato and cabbage dishes, casseroles, rye bread, and a variety of soups are also popular in this region.

How do Germans treat each other?

Time, next to family, is one of the most important things to care about for Germans.

They place a great value on punctuality as seen on their German trains, truck routes, and business hours.

One can say that their economic success is due to timeliness.

In the corporate and business culture, it is important to be always on time, around 5-10 minutes early.

In that sense, Germans know that the citizens of Germany are busy, and privacy is a must.

That includes family and private matters where you might feel that many Germans don’t communicate their emotions well.

Another tradition that foreigners are not familiar with for Germans is their love for their off-days.

That’s why during Sundays, you won’t see grocery stores, boutiques, or commercial areas open since it’s an off-day for the family to enjoy each other’s company.

Foreigners in Germany

There are varying opinions about this matter which we can’t fully cover in this one post.

Generally, Germans, especially the younger generation, are welcoming of foreigners and immigrants.

On the other hand, events like war and political tensions between neighboring countries may pose some issues about different opinions on immigrants.

Nevertheless, if you’re a student, you’ll achieve your dream study program even as a foreigner.

Scholarships are vast in Germany and you can almost apply for scholarships in any field of study.

That’s why you’ll see lots of exchange students in universities, especially in the German language degree.

What you’ll find unique about Germany

Some key characteristics of German culture include a strong tradition in German drinks (beer varieties), German national dishes, and of course, different types of bread.

It might be a weird gesture to do, but many Germans often stare out of habit. Other people say it just happens as a way of communication.

Holidays and festivals in Germany are also unique.

For students that want to learn the German language, you’ll pick up colloquial words (words that are unique to a specific country or ethnicity).

Here are other things you’ll discover in Germany in different aspects:

  • People who are punctual and take time seriously
  • Foreigners are welcome as long as they follow the community rules
  • Don’t skip out on German bread
  • Sunday is family day, so you’ll find more stores closed
  • Germans love football and it is an important sport for them

We encourage you to discover Germany by yourself

Incorporating culture and tradition strengthens your knowledge and grounds the language in reality.

Discovering Germany through their culture makes you understand what their idiomatic expressions and phrases mean.

It may also inspire you as a German language student to study the language by demonstrating how many diverse and engaging activities there are in Germany.

You’ll also impress yourself and others by learning how many things are related to their culture and their history.

This way, you’ll master your communication abilities and even make friends along the way.

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