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Learn German easily with Lucas Kern: fast free and fun

learn german easily with lucas kern review

Learning a language is not just through reading German books or using a German language app to memorize.

A German lesson should encourage you to speak the right German pronunciation and sound like it’s your native language.

Language learners should review how to learn German easily with Lucas Kern.

Learning through German language courses on a website

First, let’s reevaluate why websites are a great source for learning grammar rules and language skills.

German speakers sometimes put their audio material and video content on Youtube.

It’s free and within the reach of anyone who has a mobile device, a computer/laptop, or a tablet.

Getting a lesson straight from German teachers will familiarize you with the way they think.

German language courses on a website are also easy to navigate. You’ll get all lessons available from the German speaker including special pages designated for your language level.

As we go through this short review, let’s distinguish Learn German easily by Lucas Kern from other German teaching platforms.

Lucas Kern will try improving your German after 6-8 months as stated on their website with a success rate of 87 percent (87%).

What does Learn German Easily by Lucas Kern offer?

More than basic vocabulary, there are websites that offer lessons for advanced lessons.

It takes an authentic, native German speaker to introduce you to everything German.

From German culture to learning common German phrases, there are many lessons that will keep your interest in check.

Here are some features that Learn German Easily by Lucas Kern has on their website.

Free online lessons on the website

With many online teaching platforms that are too costly for beginner-level students, Lucas Kern offers free lessons from the beginning.

You’ll get to understand how conjugations are different for verbs, or how to pronounce the letters in the German alphabet.

You’ll understand German grammar better with explanations from his examples and also review what you learned from the previous topics.

Blogs with useful information about German and Germany

Blogs are useful for beginners that want to find relatable learning materials that will help them become motivated.

Learning German will take some time and familiarization, so you need to relate topics that you can use.

Are you wanting to understand German culture? How about working in Germany?

If you also like to learn more about Germany’s tourist spots or how to even learn a language better, you’ll find more about them in their blog.

You can use these topics as a way to motivate yourself to continue moving from the A1 level to the B1 level without stopping.

Free grammar lessons

Ranging from lessons for beginners in German verbs, German grammar, articles, umlauts, and cases, Lucas Kern has all sorts of free grammar lessons on his website.

It also includes a few sample sentences that you can practice speaking and reading.

Grammar lessons are an important part of forming sentences.

When you’re familiar with the base form of the verb (that has -en) on it, you’ll be able to change the endings according to the personal pronouns attached to it.

An email course to speak German fluently the easy way

Lucas Kern offers a  “7 rule challenge” where you can speak German fluently the easy way.

This email course also includes an audio story with both the German translation and an English translation with an explanation of the grammar points.

The best part about signing up for this email course is that all of the lessons are free. You’ll get that needed headstart if you’re only starting to learn German at the A1 level.

Has one of the largest collections of German audio lessons

The best part about hearing an audio file for German phrases is the correct pronunciation.

Since Lucas Kern is a native German from Berlin, Germany, you’ll hear how to pronounce umlauts and the double vowel German phrases and words.

Audio lessons still have a long way to go through. So you need to supplement yourself with other resources to speak German and listen to the correct pronunciation.

What does Learn German Easily by Lucas Kern lack?

Together with the pros of learning from Learn German Easily by Lucas Kern, there are some gaps that need a re-hash.

Teaching foreign languages evolve through different technology and study habits.  it needs better and adapting techniques and methods for German language learners.

Lacks video explanations for some of the lessons

Although it’s not a requirement for every German teaching platform to have videos, it will certainly be a great advantage if there is

However, there are still some video explanations for conjugation like sein and haben.

The audio file doesn’t have a control button

For someone whose native language is far from the Germanic languages (like English or Dutch), you may have a hard time repeating the words.

Especially, there are audio examples in the intermediate level that might contain pronouns with conjunctions and irregular verbs that are hard to pronounce.

It’s useful to have a repeat button, slower, or faster buttons that you can easily find on alternative German teaching platforms.

An audio lesson meant for different language level tier

Since the blog is free, I haven’t seen any German audio course that caters to more than the intermediate level.

Also, you might not know which tier you already are in since it doesn’t indicate which level the grammar lesson is for.

There are a few snippets from the vocabulary list. However, German vocabulary also needs sample sentences that will explain beyond the available intermediate level lessons.

Overall thoughts

As this review ends, we’ve looked at the numerous advantages of learning through a website.

A German lesson from Lucas Kern’s Learn German Easily will certainly give you that needed motivation for learning German the faster way.

The best free resource that we think everyone will love is their largest collection of German lessons compiled in an MP3 file.

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