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How do you learn German fast? 5 techniques that work

how do you learn german fast

German is a fun language to learn. And anyone can shorten their time learning German online classes by themselves.

But you may be wondering, is it possible to learn German fast? Anyone can do it!

There are five techniques that we’re sure to help your language journey blast off into a better German speaker.

Learning to speak since day 1

German learners or anyone who is learning foreign languages tend to forget that speaking is the number one priority in upgrading your proficiency level.

Speaking actually motivates you to practice thinking directly in that target language.

For understanding German words as an English speaker, it’s easier to remember many of their vocabulary since a lot of Deutsch words are cognates of English words.

Your learning style should be correct and something you can easily get used to.

Want to practice your target language in a fun and entertaining way? Try listening to music or watching movies.

If you’re listening to German songs, it will prompt you to speak out the lyrics.

That way, you’ll not just practice your German pronunciation, but you’ll be familiar with how many songs use simple verb tenses or become complicated in their double meanings.

German music is distinct, and you can’t find any music you won’t love. Sing and learn German your way to fluency!

Immerse yourself in many ways

It’s important to know how you can become creative in your learning process.

Especially, everyone can become bored with learning at some point.

I like reading German books too, but if you’re more of an auditory learner, you can switch to audiobooks instead.

Of course, the best way to immerse yourself in German idioms and the rich culture of Germany is by visiting Germany.

When you’re in the moment of trying to speak in German while having a slight pressure of thinking how Germans think, you’ll be pushed to memorize more vocabulary and know when to use articles and the right adjectives.

At the same time, you’ll get to hear the right pronunciation from the native speakers themselves.

If you don’t have any idea how to immerse yourself while staying in your country, you can look for language learning clubs online or go to social media and join groups.

Facebook and forums like Reddit are my go-to places for joining a community that can help you progress in your language learning process.

Create a technique to memorize noun genders and verb conjugation

As many language enthusiasts will say, don’t stick too much with grammar rules that will get you stuck on your language level.

Sometimes, you have to be wiser on how you’ll just use declensions and conjugations by studying easier reading materials first before jumping into harder and more complex ones.

Being creative in learning the German language is also an advantage. Noun genders are dependent on masculine, feminine, and neuter use of objects, places, and people.

But sometimes, you can use any kind of technique to remember the die, der, das. For example, you can associate it with colors, or just group the nouns.

For masculine nouns, most of them include:

  • Cars
  • Specific animals like billy the goat, boar, bull
  • Days/Months/Seasons
  • Outer Space
  • Weather
  • Rocks and Minerals

For feminine nouns, most of them include:

  • Trees, Fruits, flowers
  • Specific animals like goose, cow, hen, sow, and anything that can give birth
  • Rivers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Of course not all of these are just exclusive to one group, so you need to know specific words by watching more movies or reading more German books.

More importantly, use visuals. Imagine and associate those nouns with objects or any symbol or feeling you can think of.

Work and learn smarter

Aside from what we’ve mentioned earlier, there are other methods memorization gurus use to retain words and information easily.

One of which is called Spaced Repetition System (SRS), which is a learning method that helps you retain information by making it fresh by using strategically-timed review sessions.

You will waste time if you check the material too soon. If you examine material too late, you will forget it and must relearn it.

The greatest moment to review material is right before you forget it.

Even with the greatest spaced repetition system on the market, consistency and regularity are critical if you want to be a successful language student.

Mnemonics is a kind of technique where you use other tools such as flashcards or picture associations to help you remember a word.

Many people prefer to use Mnemonics because you can incorporate it into any hobby or daily task you have.

Whether you’re at home, school, or at work, you can easily remember a word by using mnemonics!

Observe and imitate native speakers. In your German language classes, you’ll notice how many curriculums or courses encourage German reading practice or

Learning from authentic materials and from real native speakers also helps you to grasp the concept of syntax, verb conjugations, and different types of verbs.

Having a technique that works is possible! But it’s how you make it practical by associating the method with your daily life will

Focus on useful German vocabulary

Sometimes, we’re the ones to blame when we feel like German is a difficult language.

Why so? It’s because of our language learning process. We tend to just grab whatever German dictionary or PDF available online and blindly start memorizing the words.

Our tip is to focus on which words you can use for your work, and study, and how to start basic conversations in a German-speaking world.

Like any first-time conversation, you’ll introduce yourself, your hobbies, which country you came from, your age, and your interests.

Moreover, it’s better to focus on useful vocabulary when you’re on a tight schedule.

If you’re going to learn German in less than six months through online German classes, you’ll encounter these main vocabulary words:

  • academic vocabulary
  • technical words
  • high-frequency words
  • low-frequency words

The best words to start are the high-frequency words that you’ll often notice being used in daily conversations with friends, family, strangers, and peers.

These words are often related to weather, hobbies, directions, money, food, and travel.

Don’t hold back with what’s available

It’s important for every language learner to start learning at home first before spending a lot of money somewhere else.

There are many free resources and language learning tools to become a German native speaker that won’t take even away from a single penny from you.

If you have discovered a great, free app that will help you get started with German, then you should check it out.

We recommend Duolingo if you don’t have any idea how to learn German and just want to try flashcards for memorization.

On the other hand, if you know you have the budget or desire to really spend your money and take professional classes, we recommend you do it with a private tutor.

Skype online classes are far better than sitting in a room full of people where you may not even get the full support on learning.

However, if you are used to a classroom or physical type of learning your German grammar, then you can enroll in universities.

Better yet, why not enroll at an online university in Germany? You can try to look for scholarships as European countries have very accessible programs and scholarship grants.

The best part of having scholarships in Europe is finding other countries with German as an official language with cheaper accommodations or expenses.

How long does it take to become fluent?

Even native Germans take time to become fluent. What makes German difficult to learn fast is not just because of how you view the language to be.

Of course, consider what are your goals and the impending distractions that may come along with them.

Even the goals can be a distraction too. So you have to learn how to discipline yourself in attaining goals.

The best tip we can advise is to start with smaller, reachable goals, and familiarize yourself with your pacing until you can commit to longer, time-consuming goals.

Moreso, if your native language is different than the German sentence structure, you’ll have to adjust your pronunciation and also be familiar with the sentence structure.

Most languages have a Subject Verb Object (SVO) structure but some have a Verb Subject Object (VSO) or Subject Object Verb instead. In German, it’s usually Subject Object Verb (SOV).

There are people who underestimate learning German. You can learn German fast, but it will take many days or even months to learn German fully.

Grammar mistakes are for you to learn and grow from

Ultimately, don’t become discouraged with pronunciation mistakes or forgetting the rules for die der das (noun genders). It’s

Also, it depends on how you define fluency as a German speaker. If your everyday life is surrounded by German culture and you’ve traded speaking in your native language with German verbs, then you should be confident to learn German really fast!

Want to start learning more about German? Here are some articles we recommend you check out too!

If you want a very unique way of learning German, why not try learning German sign language too?

You might even have the advantage of learning both German and sign language as a beginner for improving your techniques.

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