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Should you learn German for business?

should you learn german for business

When expanding your business, it isn’t rare for entrepreneurs to start learning a language for business matters.

In fact, business sometimes requires you to mingle with speakers of a foreign native tongue.

Investing in the German economy is a good take for business-minded people.

So let’s take a look at how you can learn German language skills for business.

Why choose Germany to start your business?

Germany is a global economic powerhouse, having the biggest economy in the EU and the fourth largest in the world.

It is home to a number of international organizations and is a popular place for technological innovation.

If you have any German business partners, studying the language will help you communicate with them more effectively and lead to successful professional connections.

Your excellent language skills can even attract other countries to do affiliate business with you.

An international company that knows the potential of your business environment through your communication skills will know how competent you are in terms of customer service and marketing brand new ideas.

Furthermore, many countries have partnerships with prominent German firms such as Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Siemens, BMW, Continental, and Bornemann, allowing students the opportunity to work for these organizations after completing their intern programs.

Business people who want to enter European countries should start looking at the German market

Why should you learn German for business?

Business German is useful for many reasons.

Business German courses help students learn the language faster because they are taught in a structured manner.

Students who take business German courses tend to improve their business skills quicker than those who learn on their own.

A standard business German course will teach you how to do certain activities, such as writing a letter or mailing an application form, using the appropriate tone, vocabulary, and style.

It will also show you any discrepancies in business communication between German and English, so you don’t get caught off guard.

Which German vocabulary words should you learn?

The business contexts of German business vocabulary is not so much different from their everyday conversations.

However, some of the words you’ll often learn for German business only uses the formal language.

Here are some of the common words you can use in many aspects of business German.

English German
Workplace der Arbeitsplatz, die Arbeitsplätze
Office das Büro, die Büros
Colleague der Mitarbeiter, die Mitarbeiter
Boss der Chef, die Chefs
Female Secretary die Sekretärin, die Sekretärinnen
Assistant der Gehilfe, die Gehilfen
employed angestellt
unemployed arbeitslos
Retired die Rente, die Renten
freelance freiberuflich
recruited eingestellt
trained ausgebildet
workaholic arbeitswütig
employee-friendly arbeitnehmerfreundlich
to hire jdn. anstellen
to fire jdn. entlassen
to quit eine Stellung aufgeben
to freelance freiberuflich arbeiten
to recruit einstellen
to transfer jdn. versetzen
to upskill sich fortbilden
Allowance die Spesen
Incentive der Anreiz, die Anreize
Appraisal die Abschätzung, die Abschätzungen
Salary / Stipend der Gehalt, die Gehalte
Salary slip der Gehaltsstreifen, die Gehaltsstreifen
Bonus der Bonus, die Bonus
Tax die Steuer, die Steuern
Bank account das Bankkonto
Provident fund die Altersversicherungskasse
Appointment letter die Ernennungsurkunde
Resignation letter das Kündigungsschreiben
Resume / CV der Lebenslauf, die Lebensläufe
Qualification die Ausbildung
Position die Stellung, die Stellungen
Interview das Vorstellungsgespräch
Phone call der Anruf, die Anrufe
E-Mail die E-mail, die E-mails
Meeting die Besprechung, die Besprechungen
Presentation die Präsentation, die Präsentationen
Speech der Vortrag, die Vorträge
Discussion die Diskussion, die Diskussionen
Conversation die Unterhaltung, die Unterhaltungen

Learning more about the German business culture

So let’s talk a bit about what you’ll notice in German businesses.

First impressions like saying “how are you” are extremely important to Germans and may influence the result of your commercial relationship with your German opponent.

When doing business with a German, there are a lot of verbal and nonverbal communication difficulties to consider.

Germans place high importance on order, privacy, and being on time. They are frugal, hardworking, and diligent.

Germans value excellence in all aspects of business and private life, and their attitude to work is focused on completing the task at hand.

This, along with their well-defined frameworks, suggests that human interactions are secondary in corporate operations.

In Germany, there is a rigorous barrier between private and professional life, so developing deeper intimate interactions takes time.

Business partnerships with Germans are frequently centered on mutual benefit, with the entire task serving as the focal point.

The care dedicated to achieving goals may be seen in the precision of timelines, meeting preparation, and achievement of milestones. Adherence to timetables is often regarded as critical.

More tips about dealing with German businesses

Remember that, while your culture offers an appropriate framework for behavior and belief, your preferences and behaviors are culturally driven and may not be the “right” or only applicable ones.

  • Develop sensitivity to a variety of verbal and nonverbal behaviors.
  • Keep an open mind to different points of view and methods of accomplishing things.
  • Keep in mind that there are no universal gestures.
  • Anyone’s business success also relies on effective language skills.

If you are a fluent speaker and confident in your German language skills, you are more likely to seal business deals.

On the other hand, if you’re an English speaker with zero knowledge of vocabulary, phrases, or business words, it’s possible to learn German from English.

Beginner German for business

Apart from your business development purposes, learning a language gives you a broader life experience.

So how do you start your intensive training in your German skills?

You can try enrolling in one-on-one German language lessons online.

If you’re confident in your advanced language skills, you can also try starting your topics with your German business partners in German.

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