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Learn German grammar through YouTube

learn german grammar through youtube

Youtube has lots of content and videos to watch that you can instantly find something interesting.

But, should you invest more time learning German grammar on YouTube?

In today’s post, you’ll discover many ways to learn German grammar through YouTube and other video and audio formats.

Youtube videos for language learning

A Youtube channel is where you’ll find fantastic videos of just anything you can think of.

Many of the content poured into YouTube ranges from video lessons about cooking, taking care of your health, your cat (remember those viral cat videos?), and more.

But there are many YouTube channels with formal language lessons including German.

Also, watch out how you consume a couple of channels since not all of them can guarantee the quickest turnaround of learning.

But, consider the courses from levels. If you know you are a beginner, start by checking basic grammar rules before diving into complex grammar aspects.

Yet, it won’t hurt if you try watching German fluent speakers from an entertaining channel.

Should you learn German grammar using YouTube?

There are many benefits of learning German grammar by watching Youtube videos.

But, an experienced language learner already knows that these videos are only supplementary to learning.

You still have to do your own method of learning by prompting yourself to speak and then memorize words.

These benefits can help you move from beginner to intermediate level to advanced level, and soon to special German sentences.

Most Youtube content owners are native speakers with formal language lessons. Many of these lessons are from a paid subscription on their website.

But, they feature a variety of topics for free on their YouTube channel.

Pronunciation is also important in the elements of grammar and sometimes words can even confuse you.

There are many native speakers on a German learning YouTube channel that will help you get familiar with words and vocabulary.

Language lessons are divided into different playlists

Since there are dozens of videos that you’ll find in this popular method, many YouTube creators have customized playlists.

Moreover, you can save these playlists and track which video you were watching last time.

You can choose to learn with advanced lessons, but these are locked through advanced content and subscription-based materials.

Many of the content creators also make a video series according to a German grammar topic to further explain rules about conjugation, pronouns, adjectives, and other related topics.

Learning German through free audio and visual resources

If you want to discover more free audio and visual German learning videos, their many alternatives.

There are video and audio topics that you can freely choose from. Your language skills will greatly improve for your current level.

Complete beginners, intermediate speakers, and even native Germans can enjoy some of these suggestions.

Listening through podcasts or free audio courses

Apart from Youtube videos, you can try learning German using podcasts or free audio learning courses.

Since podcasts are similar to a radio talk show, you will enjoy the diversity of language topics and even take home advice on language learning.

You can try listening to these podcasts on Spotify or other podcast websites.

For free German audio courses, many Youtube channels offer them through their website.

But, you can also find them easily while browsing the web.

Master the German language through music videos

Check music videos with an emphasis on pronunciation. Some German singers only accentuate their pronunciation to fit the song’s tempo or rhythm.

But a lot of traditional songs may accurately speak German, including the accent and intonation.

Sometimes, this is what other language learners talk about when it comes to German is a difficult language.

Nevertheless, listening to this beautiful language will make you appreciate the many aspects of language learning.

Movies with subtitles

Did you know that watching German movies with subtitles can help you remember phrases faster?

If you like learning more about German culture, food, and German personalities, learning with a movie will give you conversational phrases.

You can also use familiar phrases and quotes as a good way to remember German.

I can even remember many German words and lines just because I love the delivery and I completely remember what was happening during that scene.

Learn German grammar with popular German YouTube channels

The educational experience of learning through a German YouTube channel is irreplaceable.

We recommend that you start incorporating this approach to language learning.

You can check out which popular German learning is by filtering out videos by popularity.

There are also YouTube channels that have live chat sessions or Q&A if you want to know specific grammar rules and words to watch out for.

Absolute beginners will enjoy their German language learning journey and will surely even recommend learning German grammar through YouTube.

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