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Which jobs to pursue when you learn German while working

jobs learn german while working

If you’re planning to move to Germany, many people recommend learning German beforehand.

As a foreigner, you may think it’s hard to look for a job. But, stop worrying and learn German first.

How do you learn German while working? We have some tips for some of the best and easiest techniques.

Learn German while working

Many German language students today choose to work at the same time they take German lessons while in Germany.

In fact, many foreign language students go to Germany to study for language courses and eventually transition into working there.

Can you get a job in Germany without speaking German? Yes, there are some jobs that don’t require proficiency or even German language skills.

However, English speakers may have an advantage in this aspect since not a lot of job recruiters know how to speak another foreign language.

But, many jobs require an interview so it’s still best to learn back in your country and take some German language courses.

Be mindful of your time. It’s better to plan ahead and complete a language learning process even if you don’t need to be a fluent German speaker.

Learn more about words for transportation, ordering food, or basic conversations with people you’ve just met.

Which jobs are available after you move?

While studying for online courses or training yourself in Germany, you should consider looking for available jobs.

These employment opportunities are also available through job search portals, German online company recruitments, connections with a local hiring agency, or through your government’s job posting.

Job applicants need to secure their visas in order to pursue working in Germany.

Some people apply for student visas to learn German while working.

Most in-demand jobs for immigrants are from these sectors:

  • IT professionals
  • Nursing and healthcare
  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Research assistants
  • Crafts and factory workers

But you can find other work not available here through the opportunities mentioned earlier.

Be sure that you are looking at a legitimate company, it’s better to research more about them than being duped!

Reminders before working and studying in Germany

Students from the EU/EEA, like German students, are allowed to work for several hours per week (at least 20) per semester.

It depends on the student on how much time and effort they can do to earn money.

Without the approval of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), anybody from a nation outside the EU can work 120 full days or 240 half-days.

While pursuing academic education as an international student, either a practicum or employment as a self-employed individual is a possibility.

It is crucial to remember, however, that any self-employment activity requires the prior approval of the relevant Foreigners’ Authority.

The Authority will, among other things, decide whether the profession would harm or delay the student’s pursuit of academic aspirations.

Improving your German grammar

Even after staying in Germany for quite some time, you may encounter issues like German grammar, conjugation, and other rules.

German grammar is more precise and intricate than English, so you are bound to face roadblocks along the way.

If you have time to study German culture, it’s best to learn from native speakers.

One way to do so is to watch German movies, learn more about the history of German food, or listen to a German song.

Tips to learn German while working

It’s not easy to juggle your time working and learning a new language. A language school might not even be on your priority list.

On weekends, it is possible to learn for at least 3-4 hours. But if you are working on a shifting schedule, at least dedicate an hour to learning German grammar or vocabulary through flashcards.

If you’re in the intermediate level, do the consistent daily practice without translating German into your native language.

The best tip we can offer is to improve your listening skills as well as consistent practice with speaking.

Many workers improve in learning German faster than other language courses can offer because they are immersed in the environment to speak.

You can also look for companies that provide German language classes as training.

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