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Learn German with fun and entertaining methods

learn german with fun

As a language learner, it is common to get exhausted and bored with the same type of

Moreso if you always hear German audio lessons to the point that you feel it’s too repetitive.

One way to spice things up is to learn German with fun and interactive methods.

Change your language learning style

If your target language is German, then you will find many grammar rules that are hard to memorize.

Polyglots suggest making words memorable for you in simple yet efficient techniques.

In our case, we can give you fun and entertaining methods that you will simply remember because you can do it every day.

Need a fun way to learn German? Interactive lessons mostly focus on German vocabulary with examples of German phrases that sometimes include an English translation.

On the other hand, we also have unique German content for you to choose from.

If you want to change your language learning style, try one of these fun and stimulating ideas.

Sing your favorite German song

What’s not fun about singing and music? If you want to improve your German skills, then start with your listening skills.

You can choose from any genre that includes German grammar in either the simple past or present perfect tense.

If you like lyrics and the complexity of the music, you’ll enjoy German songs since many popular German musicians are loved all over the world.

Don’t forget classical musicians like Beethoven, Handel, Brahms, Schumann, and the list goes on!

You’ll sound like a German native speaker in no time.

Watching funny German videos

Do you love watching movies or Youtube series? If yes, then you’re going to enjoy a wide range of video selections that talk about German life, culture, society, food, and anything you can think of.

German learners that like history and the classics will enjoy movies that revolve around the Nazi period or during the World Wars.

If you like a slower pace, you can watch German series either on TV or on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

German subtitles are also available for movies and series originally in German. This technique is perfect for those around the B2-C1 level.

Test yourself with challenging goals

If your idea of fun is learning is at least having conversations by talking to Germans for the first time, then that’s a good practice for your speaking skills.

You can also challenge yourself with tricky irregular verbs and sentence structures.

This way, you’ll not stop and be satisfied with your current German level but you’ll even be motivated to try the higher levels.

You can also engage with others and help your German-speaking skills too.

For a better challenge, you should try conversing with a bilingual friend that’s fluent in German and then let them talk to you in English while you reply in German.

Use a memo sticker for any object you see

A German speaker isn’t born overnight. Not everyone can memorize easily in their head and have to write words and sentences down.

If you become consistent with your daily practice, on the other hand, you’ll surely be fluent by the end of your goal.

Memorization is one of the hit-or-miss techniques for people, especially if they haven’t built habits to help them focus on their goals.

As a memorization tool, memo stickers or sticky notes will give a fun twist for German speakers, particularly those struggling at the beginner level or building their vocabulary.

Once you’re confident enough to have memorized these words, you can take the memo stickers out.

Advanced learners can also utilize this method by making up sentences for 4-5 sticky notes and also putting sticky notes on hard to translate German words.

Play games in the German language

Apart from using a flashy language learning app or an interactive Youtube series, some games will help your language acquisition skills.

If you like gaming, you can choose the option to switch the game’s language to German.

Since you’re already familiar with the game in your native language (for example in English for English speakers), you will retain more German words and phrases faster.

It’s also exciting to learn simple kids’ games and jokes while having fun.

Learning is fun and creative

If you’re afraid of language barriers in communication but you can’t keep yourself motivated, that’s the first thing you need to break.

Initiate taking extra reading practice with your German lessons.

It also helps if you’ve set a schedule and planned your goal per week.

That way, you can monitor how effective it is to learn German with fun and motivational means to do so.

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