Maximize how you learn German with GermanPod101

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Finding a German tutor online can be hard or expensive. But if you have the chance to have a weekly lesson with a native speaker for free, will you get it? Of course!

GermanPod101 and similar audio and video courses are essential premium tools to have a complete learning experience in German.

So if you’re stuck with a German audio dictionary that doesn’t have any explanations, be sure to learn German with GermanPod101.

Learning through German courses online

If your target language is anything similar to German, then you may need to do more than just reading and jotting down lesson notes.

It is important to incorporate in your learning strategies to really speak the way Germans do.

Pronunciation is very important for German learners since many letters don’t sound how they look.

Support your German vocabulary by looking for online courses with German teachers who create the right courses that fit your language level.

Probably, you’ve encountered websites that promise a structured personalized learning plan for each of their courses.

Many of these websites usually have specific ways to help a beginner learn a new language quickly.

While many of these courses are available, they may come in separate bundles that may either be too expensive or time-costly for you.

Online German Lessons with GermanPod101

GermanPod101 has an extensive language library of words, phrases, and vocabulary that have different examples that will fit any scenario.

Whether you’re traveling to Germany, ordering from a menu, or talking to a friend you haven’t seen for a long time, you’ll find that these libraries are not just for the sake of learning but also for starting to feel confident about your communication skills.

Today, they gain more interest by having personal audio podcast lessons or providing different study tools such as a PDF with a list of German phrases to learn per week.

GermanPod101 is recommended for becoming acquainted with real conversation in German and is an ideal resource for self-study.

How do you use GermanPod101 to learn German?

GermanPod101 starts with its feature Lesson Pathways which is useful for absolute beginners who don’t know where to start.

Grammar and vocabulary explanations on GermanPod101 are also presented in a combination of German and English. This is an excellent method to hear native German.

There are courses that focus on several sorts of German, such as medical, business, and academic German, in addition to tiered lessons dedicated to a certain ability.

They feature audio snippets from music or movies that include line-by-line text in German, an English translation, and voice recording facilities so you may practice speaking German.

Their strength in teaching beginner German speakers is their resources to improve listening skills.

GermanPod101 has video lessons on both their website and on Youtube organized according to your German language level.

They also have their new, free German mini-lessons that come in three-minute lessons.

The Premium Plus plan is intended for intermediate learners who want to maximize their learning tools to the next level.

As a premium user, you’ll get to enjoy additional language lessons, flashcards with Spaced Repetition System (SRS) technology, and word frequency lists.

You can also have a professional assessment and a personalized learning plan and 1-on-1 instruction. However, these professional assessment tests turn out to be automated ones rather than a personal support center.

There are other GermanPod101 features that will probably encourage you to get their monthly subscription.

Current issues in GermanPod101

Of course, not everyone will enjoy an audio learning type of course especially if you’re used to a physical classroom setting with writing and visual aids as your learning method.

There are many students that enjoy interactive, one-on-one and not just casual learning on their own.

So it is important for students that want to learn German with GermanPod101 to find out the downside of using video lessons as their resource.

The first is the lack of serious grammatical tasks on GermanPod101.

While there are grammatical lectures, there is no real interaction with the professors and other learners on their website.

Unless you will watch free video lessons on their Youtube channel and comment your thoughts.

The majority of the tasks in the GermanPod101 courses are centered on vocabulary usage and are in multiple-choice style.

Additionally, there is a lack of capacity to practice impromptu written and spoken German.

While actual German is available to read and listen to, there are no possibilities to write or speak German.

Moreover, it is a bit dragging for advanced learners and many reviews say this issue is recurring for any Pod online courses.

Is GermanPod101 worth it?

There are thousands of lessons appropriate for beginners and intermediate students made by Innovative Languages (creator of the Pod series).

Especially if you are just going to learn German for fun and acquire a new hobby.

However, advanced language learners might want to practice more of their German conversations with a personal tutor to practice their German grammar.

Move from a casual conversation to a real 15-minute conversation just by listening to their audio lessons. You’ll get the real feel of authentic pronunciations just based on their audio content.