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Learn German words with these 4 simple mnemonics

learn german words with these 4 simple mnemonics

What are your techniques for learning German? Learn German words with these 4 simple mnemonics below.

What are mnemonics?

what are mnemonics in german

A mnemonic device, also known as a memory device, is any learning strategy that facilitates the retention or retrieval (remembering) of information in human memory. The use of certain strategies in mnemonics such as elaborative encoding, retrieval cues, and imagery allows for the efficient learning and storage of any given information.

Mnemonics help to connect original material with something more understood or significant, which promotes information retention. In its most basic form, a mnemonic is a device that aids in the memory retention of specific information or huge volumes of data.

They can be expressed in the form of a rhyme, song, acronym, image, phrase, or full statement. Mnemonics aid memory recall and are particularly beneficial when knowing the sequence of events is critical. Because of the emotional response they elicit, German idioms, sayings, proverbs, quotations, and even German swear words may aid in word retention. They can aid in the retention of vocabulary when studying a foreign language.

4 Mnemonics: and never shall we forget it!

To remember new information, you must correlate it with mental imagery that follows the principles of exaggeration, movement, unexpected association, and emotional involvement. That would be basic German phrases, common German nouns, and German numerals in our scenario.

Mnemonic 1: learn foreign words through exaggeration

When employing mnemonics, one general rule of thumb is that the crazier and more bizarre the visualization, the more probable it is that it will stick with you. This is why enlarging things, giving inanimate items faces, making your images act in incredibly bizarre ways, or causing your images to disobey physical rules all work in your favor.

Any object that would leave a lasting impact on you if seen in person is a fantastic choice for imprinting an image in your mind. Think about things on a bizarre scale. Someone 200 kilograms and 3 meters tall attracts attention. Swear words may aid the reader in remembering a sentence!

Mnemonic 2: learn foreign words through movement

Including movement or action in your images can help the information you’re seeking to recall flow together. We have evolved to be more observant of moving objects, which aids in the detection of danger.

One student will stand out in a room full of seated students and draw everyone’s attention. Objects can be stacked on top of one another, crashed together, combined images, wrapped around one another, spun around one another, or made to dance.

Mnemonic 3: learn foreign words through the unusual association

People will remember your images more if they have an uncommon or out-of-place aspect. Combine two items or situations from distinct environments. In the rain, a man clutches a satellite dish like an umbrella. Your ideas will be recorded.

Consider picturing Egypt in your mind’s eye right now. Do you have any problems? How about it, Germany? You probably fared much better with Germany because you discovered it was shaped like a boot at some point. You had formed a connection with something you were previously familiar with. To hide an image or encode information, use all of your senses. Remember that your mnemonic can include noises, scents, tastes, touch, movements, and feelings in addition to images.

Mnemonic 4: learn foreign words through emotional involvement

The most effective learning strategy is most likely one that involves emotional connection. We remember news that has had an influence on us for a long time, if not forever. A close friend’s death, the song from your first date, or an earthquake. It is easy to recreate this feeling in real life by imagining people, objects, and familiar places.

When I’m around people I like or in interesting surroundings, I pick up words faster. I recall who taught those words to me and when they were taught to me. The brain saves critical information as well as whatever else it deems important at the time (the circumstances).

The links between these concepts and mental images aid in the brain’s transmission of information from short-term to long-term memory. When I practice conversation or compose compositions, I use these notions to help me articulate and write memorable lines. “Where is the dog? It’s in the wash right now,” for example, was one of my first Korean sentences.

Turn false friends into true friends: the German term “burro” denotes “donkey,” while the German word “burro” denotes “butter.” Imagine a donkey lugging a massive loaf of butter. Play with noises to make bizarre images. This is also true for words in your native language.

The German word for “carrying, bearing” is “portamento,” and both “mento” and “portare” signify “to carry” (this is not the etymology). Consider how you carry your chin. Rude or sexual rhymes are difficult to remember, and they make it even more difficult to remember foreign words that aren’t rude or sexual!

Ask an expert

Why not seek professional advice on the best memory-improving techniques? The Magnetic Memory Method was created by memory specialist Anthony Metivier. On his blog, he discusses his memory skills, which include:

  • Acronyms
  • Memory Palace Method
  • Pegwords, Linking, and Associative Imagery
  • The Story Method
  • The Dominican System and the Major System
  • A mental map

Repetition helps to memorize foreign words

repetition helps to memorize foreign words in german

You should be able to recollect where in your long-term memory a fast review is required to safely keep everything. Throughout the next few days, try to review the associations you created for specific things at least once a day. Rather than simply repeating the phrases, consider using them to construct sentences or incorporating them into your next conversation or presentation.

You’ll eventually forget the images and simply remember the content. Are you concerned about the strange images that keep popping into your thoughts and how they can harm your sanity in the long run? Don’t be concerned. Memory experts and psychiatrists agree that your memory can never be fully utilized.

When the information is no longer required, appointments, as well as the connections and thoughts associated with them, will naturally be forgotten. Remember that having a good night’s sleep will help your brain process new information.

I can offer the greatest nootropics for language acquisition to help you boost your brain’s capacity. By the way, if you’re thinking about doing the same, find out why I don’t use flashcards to help me recall the most popular terms. Also, rather than simply memorizing words, use them. It’s pointless.

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