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Rocket German Review

rocket german review

For the majority of English speakers, learning German is challenging. Here’s the Rocket German Review that might help you in your German language learning.

Rocket German app

rocket german app

It can be challenging to master the German language due to its lengthy, difficult-to-pronounce words and entirely different grammatical rules. So choosing the right language learning app is crucial to the success of your endeavor.

One of the most well-known apps on the market, Rocket Languages German, is reviewed in this comprehensive guide. We give a general description of how the lessons operate and offer our opinions on whether they are worthwhile.

Rocket German program overview

Let’s look at the lessons and the organization of the Rocket German program to get this review started. This ought to help put my thoughts below into some context. The Rocket German course is divided into three main levels from the high level.

As you advance from Level 1 to Level 2 to Level 3, they become progressively more complex and challenging, so you could think of these levels as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Rocket German pros

After discussing the Rocket German program’s organizational structure, the nature of the lessons, and the cost, let’s move on to the interesting part: what I like and don’t like about Rocket German. Let’s start with the things I find most appealing.

Interactive audio lessons

The interactive audio lessons are without a doubt this program’s greatest asset. These in-depth guided audio lessons are a game-changer that completely distinguishes Rocket from rivals. With the possible exception of Pimsleur, the majority of other language learning apps emphasize brief, blended lessons that are packed with active drills and exercises.

In other words, they are all essentially just the reinforcement drills from the second half of the Rocket lessons. As a result, the Rocket lessons feel much more substantial and in-depth after starting with this lengthy, slow audio lesson. You have most likely learned what you would have learned in 10 Duolingo lessons by the time you have finished one Rocket German lesson.

I also appreciate how these interactive audio lessons are structured. You are compelled by the moderator to engage with the audio, speak the phrases aloud, and reflect critically on how you would respond in a genuine conversation. This, in my opinion, makes the lessons extremely valuable and one of the best ways to impart knowledge.

Incredibly robust curriculum

My second argument kind of builds on the previous one. Simply put, I was completely astounded by the Rocket German program’s level of thoroughness. As I said earlier, I felt as though I had learned more from Rocket after just one lesson than I had from some competitors after five or ten. With the interactive audio lesson, additional practice exercises, a test, and grammar, and culture lessons

Grammar prioritization

The third positive aspect of Rocket is its emphasis on grammar. I adore how Rocket emphasizes the most crucial grammar rules through focused lesson work. The majority of other businesses simply incorporate grammar into their core curriculum, which I don’t necessarily mind, and believe some businesses do quite well. However, taking separate grammar courses is very beneficial.

Rocket Languages German

rocket languages german audio lessons

The review’s detail is about finished, so let’s move on to the conclusion. Should you use Rocket Languages to learn German? I believe the straightforward answer to this question is yes, subject to your goals for your German program.

I believe Babbel and others might be a better fit if you just want some quick, 5-minute nightly lessons to pick up a few phrases before your trip to Berlin. However, I believe Rocket is a fantastic choice if you’re hoping to learn German and become somewhat fluent.

The lessons are lengthy and intense, it’s true, but overall, I believe they represent the most complete and effective platform I’ve seen. I wouldn’t think twice about choosing Rocket if you intend to invest some serious time in learning German.

Rocket German alternative: Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone teaching method is unique in that it takes a very immersive approach, using images, text, sound, and video to teach the new language without the use of translation. With the help of images and native speaker pronunciations, the mobile app teaches you new words and phrases. To teach you proper pronunciation, Rosetta Stone also has speech recognition functionality.

In addition to the digital resources, Rosetta Stone also provides a platform where you can book live tutoring sessions to improve your German with speakers of the language. For those who don’t just want to practice alone, this is a nice extra feature.

Is Rocket German worth it?

A more active community, fewer spammy marketers, and other small improvements would be nice for Rocket German (e.g. more images and video would be nice). But overall, the 190 lessons, 100% naturally spoken German dialogue, outstanding mobile app, Google Web Speech technology, and other great features make it well worth the cost.

Although the cost seems a little high, I believe it is worthwhile given that you could benefit from the program for many months or even years.

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