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Can you use Youtube to learn German while you sleep?

youtube learn german while you sleep

Many experts have continuous research and case analyses that point how people (and even animals) can learn while sleeping.

So, is it really a good effort to try Youtube to learn German while you sleep?

Let’s find out!

How true is learning while you sleep?

If this is your first time hearing the idea of sleep learning, then you may be skeptical about learning German.

Well, many researchers and participants of sleep studies are from…guess where… Germany!

According to an article published by Business Insider Deutschland, our brains constantly develop new information while we sleep.

Researchers tested that people can encode verbal information during slow-wave sleep.

It is hypothesized that the hippocampus is active and aware of its surroundings and is independent of whatever the environment is.

More and more studies are being conducted by scientists all over the world to support the idea that there is a concept of sleep learning.

So if you want to learn beautiful languages like German, you can benefit from actual sleep learning.

Listening to German through Youtube Premium

One good thing that Youtube has developed over the years is its new key feature, Youtube Premium.

Youtube Premium allows you to listen to any video or music even if you close your phone.

It also has a download button where you can listen to your German audio lessons offline.

Although, not all Youtube channels that you subscribed to allow their materials to be downloaded through Youtube premium.

For that reason, many locked German contents for audio resources, extra German lessons, and other valuable PDFs are sold through the Youtube creator’s personal website.

If you’re interested in uninterrupted learning through listening skills then you should check out if your favorite Youtube channel is available for download through Youtube Premium.

Which German Youtube channels should you listen to while you sleep?

Authentic videos for language learning are not really hard to find.

But what makes Youtube easier to use is its up-to-date key features and closed captions (CC) that you can select to translate the audio recording to either English or the native language German subtitles.

English speakers tend to shy away from a foreign language due to their different perspectives in efficient language learning.

German is without a doubt one of the common languages to have a stereotype. Hard to pronounce, many words to memorize, and different conjugations can easily scare beginners.

As is with any language apart from the English language, going back to basics is important if you are determined to achieve your goal of reading, writing, and speaking German.

Since there are diverse topics that you can think about, you can just have an endless playlist while sleeping.

You can even learn German grammar through Youtube!

Check out some of these Youtube channels that you can listen to while you sleep.

German Pod 101

German Pod 101, or any other language with a Pod on its name, is one of the popular resources for language learning.

The quality of their video on Youtube compared to their website version is way better.

It is more HD and has closed captions which might be missing if you’re trying to watch it through their website.

In fact, you can also switch from video to audio since they have a podcast version too.

German Pod 101 also has an audio version of their lessons, so you can also listen to them while driving a car or if you’re spending your Sundays not sleeping.

Their Youtube channel is updated with lots of playlists from German reading practice for absolute beginners, German learning strategies and tips, and other useful and effective sleep learning videos.

Learn German with Herr Antrim

This Youtube channel is honestly just a gem after doing some quick research.

After a few Youtube videos, Herr Antrim is the perfect Youtube channel if you want short but useful phrases and vocabulary.

Almost all of his videos are short around 5 minutes or even 2 minutes and below. Reason being, he wants his lessons straight to the point but still fun and entertaining.

Beginners that don’t have any idea where to start learning German can try learning German with Herr Antrim while they sleep.

Most of his paid lessons are on Patreon or on his website which you can pay if you are confident enough to listen to scripted advanced German.

Useful German with Chris

If you like Herr Antrim, you will also love this channel. Most of Chris’ videos are short, straight to the point, and even have videos with 4 hours of 600 German verbs that are perfect if you will be listening to them at night.

You can put videos similar to that on loop so you won’t need to wake up in the middle of the night if they are done.

Many Youtube videos are wonderful for beginners, especially for cultural immersion and the natural acquisition of language.

If you want to hear the real pronunciation, accent, and listen to authentic German content uploaders like Herr Antrim and Chris.

You may also find other hidden gems that were not included in this list.

Listening to German songs before or during sleep

Apart from learning German while you sleep with normal language lessons, music is even another theorized way of learning.

If you prefer listening to songs and reading lyrics, you can try listening to German music while sleeping instead.

You can find any genre that you want to listen to since you won’t run out of beautiful German lyrics and music.

Youtube Premium is also bundled with Youtube Music, so you don’t need to pay different prices if you want both services.

This is not just a money-saving service but also a very good way to listen to podcasts and audio lessons at less of a cost!

What other activities on Youtube should you try doing when learning German?

Even though videos are not personalized language learning lessons, you can still achieve better language skills in the German language.

Some formats of these videos are converted to audio language courses that you can download through Youtube premium or if you are a subscriber of their website.

Here are other activities to do if you’re not sleeping while learning German.

Pick out playlists that include vocabulary lessons and grammar correction

Make use of your time wisely by picking out playlists that will help you retain words you’ve previously reviewed and learned.

Many Youtube channels I’ve mentioned above are organized according to language speaking levels.

From A1 (Total Beginner) to C1 (Advanced German level), you will get to choose which levels to start or to skip without having to search your history bar again.

Constant exposure to native German speakers

Reaching for words in the advanced levels, especially those who like learning deep vocabulary or modified slang will love how natural German Youtube videos are.

If you really like to expose yourself to what and how native speakers talk, then you should not keep on speaking English or listening to English courses to learn German.

That would be counterproductive!

For this to happen, you have to listen to topics about gaming, science, technology, politics, and even unconventional topics that will force you to think directly in your target language.

In this case, you need to really listen intently to topic-specific German terminologies.

Communicate with other German learners via comments

The only way you can relate to the community of Youtube is through comments.

There are lots of opportunities of exchanging questions in Youtube comments about grammar exercises in that video.

There are many students willing to help each other in clarifying common questions that may confuse you.

You can encounter some of them when you’re already learning false cognates or doing complex verb conjugation.

As of now, videos are only filtered and moderated by the owner of the Youtube channel.

So, you may still get nasty comments which you can just ignore and focus on the learning aspect instead.

Conditions of Sleep Learning

With the innovation in efficient methods of learning, there are thousands of ways that you can do daily lessons in German.

Of course, don’t try to push learning when you’re supposed to really sleep.

There are effects of sleep deprivation on learning and it may even be a cause of health problems.

Learning abilities should be natural and in a toxic-free environment.

So, try to sleep later with a few of the aforementioned German Youtube channels.

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